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    2012 Recap: Top 10 Pickups/Pulls

    here i am sharing my top 10 pulls/pickups of 2012 for baseball. i did a lot more pickups than last year, it turned out well :) be sure to check out my football as well!

    10. Pickup, /5

    9. Pull, /10

    8. Pickup, /15

    7. Pickup, /15

    6. Pickup, /15

    5. Pickup, /1

    4. Pickup, /5

    3. Pickup, /1

    2. Pull, /10 (my biggest pull in the hobby)

    1. Pickup, /25 (card is nm/m condition, smudges are from my aweful scanner)
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    Number two is my dream pull
    Right now looking to sell my inventory so I can get new stuff
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    Great cards. As a fellow Cards fan, I would have to go with #2.

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    Nice cards!!!

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    #1 or #2 are my favorites. #4 isn't bad either.
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    Are you trying to complete the set for those 2012 Museum collection silver autos? Because if you are I would really like to see all of them that you have.
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