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Thread: Black Monday..

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    Black Monday..

    so far the list of coaches fired today consist of....

    Norv Turner
    Ken Whisenhunt
    Lovie Smith
    Romeo Crennel
    Chan Gailey
    Andy Reid
    Pat Shurmur

    Little shocked Jim Schwartz hasnt been added to the list yet but feel its coming.

    Where does Chip Kelley land? Andy Reid going to the Chargers?

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    I heard that Schwartz may not be getting fired. IDK though.
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    i was surprised about lovie smith, but i dont think schwartz should get fired
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    Kinda surprised that Rex Ryan didn't get fired given who has been axed already
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    I would almost think Reid could be in Cleveland. With Joe Banner being there, I wouldn't be surprised. He loves all the old Eagles he worked with.

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    chargers have expressed interest in hiring chip kelley.

    reid would fit well in san diego, but they arent even going for him. the cardinals are interviewing andy reid. i think the bills would be his next stop after that. with lovie smith out there i wouldnt be surprised to see jacksonville or tennessee to try and pick him up. they both have head coaches riding the fence.

    i think gruden and bill cowher should seriously consider coming back. there's a lack of good head coaches right now. teams keep swaping them out like musical chairs. all the same 4-5 coaches and they just keep getting moved again. i just hope we see more good coaches come in like the harbaughs. the nfl needs more coaches like these guys
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    shoot at this point i would love it if lovie would come here to kc...
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    lovie and reid wil be the 2 everyone goes after. i think it will work out well with him. lets be honest about chicagos offense. mike tice is their OC. thats a big part of the problem. not lovie smith. i think lovie will go to a new team and be able to build it better the way he wants it. just hope he stays away from the old has beens at the end of their career.
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    i just dont see it in reid anymore. and for the bears, the offensive line and mike tice should be fired, not lovie smith
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    if reid to the cards, is vick too far behind?

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