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    PC Milestone

    I have not been very active lately on this site lately, but I wanted to say thanks to those here at SCF who have helped me over the years to hit a PC milestone. While updating my bucket a couple of days ago, I realized that for my Kings Auto and GU'd PC, I hit the 1,000 card threshold. In fact, I'm up to 1,048 different cards (432 AU, 616 GU).

    For those of you interested in taking a look...

    All AU:

    All GU:

    By Player:

    Again, as I have received many cards from SCF members, I want to say thank you.

    P.S. I'm now working on 1,000 each for both AU and GU, so keep your Kings rolling my way...
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    congrats on reaching that milestone. You've amassed some great cards for the Kings PC.

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    Awesome collection man, congrats! Didn't look through everything (that would take some time), but have the 2 below if interested.


    Also have an Evans Prestige Bonus Shots Orange RC /300.
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    Congrats on the milestone!
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    Thanks an amazing milestone especially collecting only counting autos and game used like I do. Congrats!!
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