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    My x-mas break (goes back a long time)

    Wanted some boxes for x-mas that would take me back to when I first got into cards. My wife got me some vending boxes (1982 topps,,84 topps, 3 1985 topps), to try to pull some of the cards i was never able to pull as a young teen with a limited card budget. Yes I could have bought the 4 singles i wanted for much less than the cost of the boxes, but whats the fun in that,lol. I was looking for 5 rookies

    4 out of 5 is pretty good! Cards on the right and bottom got cut off in scan.
    The Cal is a beauty! (4 sharp corners, well centered, no surface marks)

    72 different pack pulled 2013 rookies and counting as of feb.20th
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    Lmk if one of those Kirby Rcs are for trade
    Only looking for HOF g/u at the moment that I need for my project. I'll trade by Bv or Sv. It really doesn't matter to me as long as I'm happy with what I'm getting.PLEASE PM ME B/C IT WORKS BEST FOR YOU AND ME!!!Hidden Content
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    Awesome break! Congrats!

    Always looking for autos of Giants stars and Hall of Famers!

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