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    Get them before they hit eBay nice cards all scanned

    Hey guys finally I'm back selling cards. I got a newborn so looking to make money, but still not give these away. Will be going on eBay the 31st so I can beat the deadline to post free. Prices are as marked. All come in top loaders, penny sleeves, and a team bag.

    $5 shipped PSA 10

    Var. (I think)2002 Topps Gallery $3 Shipped

    1993 Topps Finest All Star $5 Shipped

    2008 SP Legendary Cuts $8 Shipped
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    Right now looking to sell my inventory so I can get new stuff
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    I will take this one:

    2011 Topps Finest Ref. 100/549 $25 Shipped

    Please post it up.
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    Will post when I get home tomorrow. Will also send my PayPal address then. Thanks for the sale.

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    if the nomar is certified ,i'll take it?
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    It is certified on the back. If you want I can post a picture for you tomorrow.

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    Just the two

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    I'll take the joba chamberlain. if the case is clean feel free to post it up and send me your paypal info.
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    Its cleaner then the scan shows but I'll check for sure when I get home tommorow.

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    I'll take the 2011 Bowman Chrome Gold Ref. 10/25 $4 Shipped. Post it up and send me your paypal address. Thanks.

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