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    WTTF: Jaden Schwartz

    I'm looking for any and all Jaden Schwartz cards. I will take multiple copies. If you've got any available please post here or shoot me a PM.

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    I know there's got to be some Schwartz stuff available somewhere around here! I will take multiple copies of all Schwartz cards.

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    ...and a bump for the day. Somebody's got to have some Schwartz cards to trade!

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    You get any new traders in????


    WANTED: Serial # BASE SET Parallels /1000 or less any year any player

    CANUCKS WANTED: must be current Roster in Canuck Uniform

    WANTLIST: Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidkanada View Post
    You get any new traders in????


    Not much lately, but some. I added a bunch more misc. items to the albums on my website recently though.

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    Bump it up again. Eventually I've gotta have some luck! LOL

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