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    I tend to go with the product I think looks the best, and choose obtainable (within my budget) subsets from that product.

    For example, I'm collecting 2011 Tier One Top Tier Autographs. Great looking sets in my opinion and loaded with HOFs. I'm also thinking about working on 2012 Five Star Retired Autos as it looks great and has a lot of HOFs as well as some of my heros growing up from the 80's and 90's.
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    I like the kinda vintage look so if you do too go get Topps Heritage, Gypsy Queen, or Allen & Ginter.
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    Not sure if you want to go "old school", but my favorite products ever were from Donruss circa 2001-2005. I know Panini is getting back in the baseball game, but until they get an MLB license, I won't touch the stuff. Anyway.. boxes might be harder to find than new stuff, but the quality of hits and overall designs of the cards is fantastic imo. Recently I have redeemed expired redemption from Donruss and Leaf to Panini (from 2006-2008), so if you get a redemption Panini MIGHT send you something.

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    Sports card release calendar

    This is updated throughout the year. You'll be able to find every baseball release here.

    Topps series 1 come out January 30th:
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    You can basically make whatever you want as a set now. You can have a full set with or without autographs. The set without autographs should be easy to complete though.
    that is what I will target at first since Iam just getting back into it and don't want to spend tons of money. I would rather go about getting the autographs the old fashioned way anyways...meeting the players etc. I feel like once I get a complete set, I will then go for the next layer, which is the autographs/relics etc
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