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    Quickest trade EVER (?) plus day two of The End Of Mail

    Me & Josh (Joshos33) talked about the trade two nights ago, I accepted yesterday morning, mailed his card out last night after work, and this morning his end of the deal showed up...................holy doodle, man!

    My SP Authentic Mystery Dual Auto redemption, which turned out to be Taylor Hall & Jordan Eberle, netted me these :)

    Thanks Josh!!!

    And MAILLLLLL!!!!!!

    A Heritage Classic add............................

    And then a five-card Kesler-Paloooooza

    A auto'd Joe Sakic postcard.....................

    Anddddddddddddd a jackpot Forever Rivals redemption :)

    Seeya tomorrow!
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    Woah. HUGE grabs!
    Patiently waiting for someone to bring back sax solos and keytars non ironically.

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    Don't like the Habs and hate the Leafs but that Forever Rivals redemption is amazing.

    Great show and crazy fast shipping on that trade
    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Nick Foligno/SP Bobby Hull

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    Wow sick forever rivals card , and those Kessler cards are sweet especially that titanium patch:)
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