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Thread: Just had to share

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    Just had to share

    Just had something really cool happen. i was shipping out my ebay sales for the day when i realized i was shipping a Brian Ebersole Bloodlines Auto to Brian Ebersole. Pretty excited. Just wanted to share
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    Haha, nice stuff. I knew he collected, same with Duane Ludwig and a few other guys.
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    Awesome!! I've actually shipped out cards to him as well but they weren't of him. And I just got the 1st autos in the mail. Amazing how they got here so quick, thanks a million!!

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    haha that's awesome! I thought Topps would let him have a few?
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    dmasegosa - no problem at all. that was fast. especially with the holidays.
    frizzzlecake - i would have thought so too. shame he didnt pick up the red ink first auto or the ruby auto relic i had
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    Yeah you'd think those guys would be able to get their hands on some decent cards. That's cool mailing to him though!

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    That's pretty cool! Back in the 90s, I was in a football trading pool centered in Buffalo, and all the Terry Bradshaw cards used to go to Jim Kelly.
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    Very cool. I think I just bought a card off of you as well Huskie. The name looked really familiar, I need to remember to contact you here when I see cards I'm interested in so we can both save on ebay/paypal fees.
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    yeah for sure. i keep my bucket updated after i ship each package. so if it is in my store its in my bucket with the exception of no ruby inserts
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