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    1 Box of 2012-13 Black Diamond - Packs Wars - Huge Bobby Orr Mojo

    I decided to hit up the LCS and try out some Black Diamond (my first box of 2012-13). I felt like playing my luck and did a full box of pack wars with the owner Byron.

    What I Lost:
    Carter Ashton Quad RC
    Taylor Hall Jersey
    Kulemin Jersey
    2 other scrub jerseys
    Roy Quad
    Rynnas Quad RC
    Ashton Gemography
    Pelle Lindbergh Ruby /100

    Now I know it looks like I lost out big time, but I can say I am overly happy with the results!

    What I Won:
    Hutchinson Triple RC
    Ness Triple RC
    Mat Clark Triple RC
    Matt Watkins Triple RC
    Gartner Triple
    Lindsay Triple
    Belfour Allstar Quad
    Koivu Ruby /100
    Pickard Ice RC /499
    Sauve Ice RC /999

    and the mojo...

    All are FS/FT. Strong offers only on the Orr
    Alex Plante

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    Nice orr !!!
    SPXRULES****Hidden Content
    Collecting: Young Guns Exclusives /100 , SPA Future Watches
    Ultimate CUP SPA Dominion++ Autos & Patches

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    beauty jordan!! nice hit
    Collecting 13-14 Upper Deck Series 1 Shining Stars RAINBOWS: 50/50 (100% complete). And now the fun is over, so it's available ft/Fs as a set only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewconnors9 View Post
    beauty jordan!! nice hit
    Quote Originally Posted by spxrules View Post
    Nice orr !!!

    Thanks guys, considering there is only one on the bay and only one completed auction, I think I did pretty well
    Alex Plante

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