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    Sending you a PM!

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    Have a look through here habscards :!!

    Im sure we can make a deal. I still have that eller patch /15 aswell. :)
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    Collecting: Young Guns Exclusives /100 , SPA Future Watches
    Ultimate CUP SPA Dominion++ Autos & Patches

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    Check my bucket you can take it all minus the dual shield for 250

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    look in my bucket and or ebay :) i'll give you belowe ebay prices
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    you can look in my bucket...i'm gonna be putting a thread up fot my Price PC and the Lafleur PC...if anything you like..just pm me...thanks!

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    check my bucket anything but pc is up for grabs

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    pm sent
    Looking for Emerson Etem Dominion ARP #/299 and Collecting Social Signatures (w/ Twiiter Handles), Canucks and Datsyuk.

    Hit me up on Facebook & Twitter - @604breaks
    **Looking for 13/14 PRIME Colors Patch Pavel Bure #2/2 Canucks Place Patch**

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    I have some in my Buckett


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    I am looking for Nick foligno cards for my PC.

    I have 252 of his 403 cards Listed that's including his 1 of 1's
    bucket is out dated but for trade
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