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    1 Box Crown Royale!

    Usually dislike this product, but was the newest stuff the LCS had. Figure I'd give it a go.

    Not listing inserts/RCs, nothing spectacular to list...

    Hit One... Saw the Colt helmet and got a wee-bit excited, but knew I don't have that Luck.. LOL
    Fleener GU /149

    Hit Two... First round AU, can't really complain. Played pretty well this past year.
    Harrison Smith AU /245

    Hit Three... Again a nice first round AU, but again a defensive player... How has he played this year, haven't heard much on him?
    Nick Perry AU /25

    Hit Four... Saved this break. I hit a War Room /49 in my Absolute break last week, so I guess this isn't a bad name to be following me. Just stinks they are both redemptions! Really like Wilson. I redeemed the Absolute, so this will be up FS/FT.
    Russell Wilson Rookie Silhouette /349

    Thanks for the read!
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    Awesome break man. Congrats on the Wilson
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    Sweet Wilson!


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    Hopefully the Wilson has a sweet patch, congrats on the hit!
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    Feel free to let me know if you have any
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    Thanks guys!
    I do not use Paypal.
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    E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!

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    Nice hit on the Wilson, hopefully you get a sweet patch!

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    PM me if you see something for the Wilson. Nice break!!
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    I trade by SV,PV (Common sense) only. Im only looking for PC needs.

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