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    2012 Crown Royale, round # 2 yields two cards numbered to 10!!!!

    I had to give Crown Royale one more chance today from a very nice break yesterday. I hit dupe silhouettes of Fleener redemption and Osweiler that have been posted on for trade or sale.

    Here are the best hits of a couple of other packs:

    Pack One:

    Rookie Silhouette:

    # 89/99

    Auto from one of the boxes with a redemption:

    # 7/10

    Then for the final box of the day. Kind of dream box for me:


    Next pack in the box, I see another redemption of which there must be millions in this product.
    Hate redemptions but I will wait in the one

    ROOKIE Silhouette:???

    Russell Wilson

    Then in the final pack of the four from this one box:

    # 6/10

    Nice way to finish off a break for sure!

    Good luck with your breaks!!!

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    Damn, there were some nice ones in there.
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    You destroyed that one again.

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    Trying to super Collect Herman Moore
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    Great hits,congrats!
    Interested in the Tannehill auto.
    Lmk,thank you!

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    Very nice Elway. Please check me for the Cousins! Thanks.
    Collecting any and all Oakland Raiders and Winnipeg Jets - Current or Former, just need to be wearing their logo on the card!

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    im beggining to hate you, but then again, you opened panini and i opened freakin topps! I need to shift over to panini again! CONGRATS IM JEALOUS!
    Go Gators and Bears!
    I only collect Justin Blackmon and I guess I am getting in the SUPER collector range of Alshon Jeffery! Over 40 autos and rising!

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    That Elway is really nice.

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    Some very sweet pulls. Good stuff
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    Amazing Break, congrats on the hits!

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