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    WTB WTTF : Mark Scheifele

    Show me what you got !!! Mark Scheifele, I can buy and I have over 3,000 cards up for trade !

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    I already have a lot of YG, maybe depending how much you ask ?

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    I have his 11-12 spa sign of the times. lmk
    SPXRULES****Hidden Content
    Collecting: Young Guns Exclusives /100 , SPA Future Watches
    Ultimate CUP SPA Dominion++ Autos & Patches

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    Quote Originally Posted by spxrules View Post
    I have his 11-12 spa sign of the times. lmk
    Thanks for your answer, but I don't need this one.

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    If you have any interest in his SPA FW Auto RC pm me. Sure we could work out a fair deal.
    Morgan Rielly

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    mate I have these.Will sell..Only trading for Cup APR, Cup gear, Cup draft boards and Silhouettes
    DOminion APR emerald x5

    The Cup APR gold 23/55

    auto rookie x99
    #1 wants auto Shield and some non auto shields.Nyquist &Red Wings rare rookies,Dekeyser cards we don't have.Namesake letters prime of Dekesyer(DEKESY needed),Draft Boards.Unique items Ice x99, booklets, APR

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    have an SPx au gu rc with a navy blue swatch, 20$dlvd (couple sold in january for 25$ and 30$ on ebay)

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    any interest in 11-12 spx auto/jersey rc #202 39/499 dark blue swatch. looking for $15 delivered.
    lmk. thanks.

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