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Thread: Rejoice! Hockey is back!

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    Rejoice! Hockey is back!

    And my energy has been restored!
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    Finally!! Just read the short article on ESPN!
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    Let's see who comes home and who stays. talk is cheap Ovechkin and Bryzgalov
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    It ain't over 'til it's over.. and now it's over!! WO-hoooooo!!


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    Thank god. Its been such a roller coaster. The league needs to ensure that this is the last time for a long time!!!!!
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    So happy! About time and two contracts buy out? Bye bye Scott Gomez and Kaberle!

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    Best sound in the world forthcoming: "Ladies and gentlemen, accueilons Nos Canadiens!!!!"
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    Although I'm trying to not get my hopes up because I'm sure Bettman is working full time to try to figure out some way to screw this up.
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    Couldn't have put it better Richard! Now to find some tickets to hear it in person lol

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    What a way to start my Sunday!! Hallelujah!!!

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