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Thread: Rejoice! Hockey is back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post
    Don't be.

    I kid, of course, but isn't it great to be chirping rather than wondering if they'll get to 50/50 by Year Two or how much variance will be permitted in long-term contracts?
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    Just as angry as I am with the NHL and PA, I won't be able to stay away, I've missed hockey too much. I hope they start soon, I haven't heard "Ladies and gentlemen, your Vancouver Canucks!" since last April.
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    Edmonton is going to be fast out of the gate
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    great birthday present for me.

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    It'll be nice for some life to come back to the forum. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnking View Post
    great birthday present for me.
    Mines tomorrow lol. I consider this my birthday present lol
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    great news..funny seeing Jeff O'Neil's tweets LOLOL..
    onlly thing i'll miss is the low card prices :/
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    It won't be just the Leafs, but all 14 "loser's" will have a shot at the # 1 pick...although they should include an asterisk for the Oilers if they don't make it, 4 consecutive #1 picks would be ridiculous...O-o
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravens_creed View Post
    Happy Birthday!
    thanks ! :)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    Mines tomorrow lol. I consider this my birthday present lol
    yeah it surely is a great gift for any hockey fan!

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