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    Who wants my: Nowitzki, Reggie Miller, D-Wade, B.Griffin, Westbrook, Havlicek autos!

    Looking to make some big splashes. Just want some new stuff in, miss my maildays

    Got a few nice cards i could part with, some nice current stars, but also veterans and HOF.

    Im mainly after some HOF Centers Autos:
    - Abdul-Jabbar, D.Robinson, Shaq, Olajuwon, Ewing, Bill Russell, Moses Malone, Mourning.

    Also collecting the following current Centers/Big man autos:
    - Al Jefferson, A.Bynum, Favors, Cousins

    The usual big names would always catch my interest:
    - Magic Johnson, LeBron, Durant, Kobe, Bird, Dr.J

    Would also be interested in some of the new rookies autos:
    - Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Waiters, Klay Thompson, Kemba Walker, Drummond, Lillard

    Here is some of the good stuff i got for trade:

    This is whats pictured above:
    11-12 Limited Glass Cleaners Dirk Nowitzki auto/jsy /25
    04-05 Black Diamond Reggie Miller auto
    11-12 Limited Glass Cleaners B.Griffin auto/jsy /49
    10-11 Season Update Slam Dunk Champ B.Griffin auto /10!!
    10-11 Classics Moments B.Griffin auto /25
    10-11 Absolute B.Griffin Frequent Flyer auto/jsy /25
    10-11 Contenders B.Griffin/Aminu auto /49
    11-12 SP Authentic College Pride Westbrook auto /40
    09-10 Absolute Spectrum Westbrook auto /49
    09-10 Season Update Rookie Challenge Westbrook auto /49
    10-11 Threads Century Stars Westbrook auto /25
    05-06 Topps First Row Dwyane Wade auto /100 (rare one as the dunk and dish versions both to /190!)
    09-10 SP Signature Havlicek/Goodrich/Brown auto 01/10
    11-12 Preferred Choice Byron Scott Gold auto /10
    09-10 Panini Hall of Fame Earl Monroe Auto /399
    10-11 Limited Decade Earl Monroe auto /99
    10-11 Limited Alonzo Mourning Glass Cleaners auto /49
    09-10 Elite Series Andre Iguodala patch /50
    09-10 Elite Clutch Performers Carmelo Anthony patch /50
    09-10 Elite Clutch Performers Manu Ginobili patch /50
    09-10 Elite Threads Chris Bosh patch /10
    09-10 Elite Andrea Bargnani patch 07/15 (Jsy Nr!!!)
    09-10 Elite Deron Williams patch /35

    Also feel free to check the rest of my stuff, as i also got a lot more patches, star GU and lower end autos, just to much to show!
    My Bucket: Hidden Content

    PC: Al Jefferson: GU/269 AU/161 25x 1/1 27x Exquisite

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    lets work something out on a griffin and westbrooks. I added more today
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    Mainly into football. Looking for RC Auto prospects, some HOFERs and Former Vols.

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    Hey man please pm me if you're willing to sell some things... If price is reasonable I think I would be interested.
    I ship once a week on Monday or Tuesday and only can check my mail once a week to confirm trades have been received. Please pm me if interested in seeing my FB and BB trade lists.

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    still interested in the nowitzki auto and classics moments or ff au of blake

    could offer you

    and my bucket
    David Robinson

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    PM's sent!

    Some new additions available:

    /49 Ibaka Auto/Jsy 11-12 Limited Glass Cleaners
    /25 P.George / Stephenson RC Auto 10-11 Timeless
    P.George RC Auto 10-11 Contenders
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    My Bucket: Hidden Content

    PC: Al Jefferson: GU/269 AU/161 25x 1/1 27x Exquisite

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