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    Deployments almost over... Case or boxes of higher end products

    Coming back from deployment in about 5 weeks and wanting to have some baseball cards at my apartment to break with a cold beer. Thinking if I should get a case of 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen (will probably be getting a case of 2013 in April) or a couple boxes of higher end products like a box of 5 star, tier one, and triple threads or museum collection

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    congrats, and thanks man.
    i guess if you have the money for it, i'd go with boxes of high end. seems like it would be more fun than busting a case and getting tons of base duplicates. gypsy queen is a great set tho, i did really well with everything i opened from it this year.

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    I'd bust a case of 2012 Bowman Chrome. Its not too expensive.

    then use the rest of your money to buy five star/museum singles as you can get a TON of singles for the price of a box.

    STAY AWAY from Triple Threads!

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    I do like set collecting and on card autographs... Plus always been a fan of Masterpiece and Allen and Ginter so the Gypsy Queen falls in line with that

    With the chrome the idea of pulling a Darvish or Harper is nice maybe Ill look more into that or just say screw 2012 and start working on 2013 with Series 1 or something

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    Does anyone know if there is a decent amount of Trout or Darvish in the 2012 Gypsy Queen?

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    I open a box tonight sir and I have a Trout (base), R. Zimmerman mini card jersey , R. Romero jersey card, Nathan Eovaldi auto and Joe Benson auto. Good product, like the Allen and Ginter, with the high end product, I miss something I love, doing a set.

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    I discover something special in the Gypsy queen, you can have 2 card with the same player, same number but with a different pic, I don't know how much pic each player in this set have, but, it's very kind and smart.

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