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    96-97 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection set finally completed!

    The last card, Reggie Miller Row 2 came around Christmas and now the set is complete 5 years after I started it. I think thatīs it for me, the Hobby isnīt that much fun anymore these days.

    Row 2 #/150

    Row 1 #/150

    Row 0 #/150

    96-97 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection 268/270 2 to go!

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    Awesome set collection!
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    That's insane!!!!
    I collect Bulls Autos and Patches!!!!
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    wow, I initially thought it was just the row 2 set, then I scrolled down. Unbelievable maste set.

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    That is awesome! Thanks for the scans. 96/97 Flair was one of the first serial numbered sets - right? I thought about doing the Legacy collection too, but I soon found out it would be too expensive for me. Congrats! Nice job!
    - Andy

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    Yeah, Flair Showcase Legacy cards were actually the first serial numbered set. It was released some weeks before the E-X2000 cards with Credentials.
    I love these cards and everytime when I look at them it brings back souvenirs from the past.
    96-97 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection 268/270 2 to go!

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    WOW. Congrats! Now you have to update that sig!
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    Awesome set............................congrats!

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    Oh my! That is spectacular!!!

    Congratulations on completing it.
    Please contact me if you have any rare DeMar DeRozan cards that you want to move. I'm always open to trade or buy rare DeRozans!

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    That is amazing! I loved that set as a kid. One of the best 90's sets to own. I am in aww of your greatness as a collector. Not only does it take great patience, but also a great paypal account. Never sell it!

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