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    I'm going to go about my life as I have. Life is too short to worry about this. Im going to watch. If I see a nice shirt, I'll buy it. If I want a box of cards, I'll grab it. I won't go to any games, but I wasn't going to anyway. Basically I'm just going to be the fan I've always been and hope that this was "THE" standoff that finally draws the line between the two sides so future CBAs can be signed before more games are lost.
    "He's gone crazy," "You have to snap out of it," "Take your meds," or, "Don't be such a downer" serve only to mock, belittle, and make light of mental illness. Such phrases only continue the negative stigma and keep those who suffer from getting help. If these phrases, or phrases like them, are part of your at-hand vocabulary, you are part of the problem. #STOPtheStigma

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    Idk if this is a good example but it's like not being invited to a party but going anyways and then throwing a tantrum and getting pissed off when the host says "we'll resume the party next week" .
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    I collect: Adam Larsson, Mason Raymond and Matt Duchene

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