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    2012 Topps Gypsy Queen and Heritage

    looking to trade these any interest?

    2012 Topps Heritage


    11,52,113,116,134,147,154,174,192,202,210,238,269, 275,283,296,330,354,361,367,368,375,393,

    2012 Topps Gypsy Queen






    8,9,10,25,38,46,64,72,86,88,108,136,141,143,144,15 6,160,169,171,178,183,187,217,225,243,281,287,292

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    I can use these, LMK what you need in trade, thanks:
    Gypsy Queen
    SS-DP, SS-JE, 143

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    not much shortking do you have any 2012 football? also are you looking just for red sox? If so I could prob put together a nice size team lot to trade

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    I am looking for red sox but don't really have any football, only do baseball really

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    ok Short Ill trade for Washington Nationals or any Harper,Strasburg cards I also need a Mike Trout rookie do you want me to see what I come up with as far as a team lot my cards woul range from 2010-2012 Im really not to picky when it come to baseball I also am looking for any goodwin cards that are not baseball players allen and ginter as well

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    I have a single Bowman Prospects Harper that's incoming. Somebody else cleaned me out of Nats recently, sorry

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    would you trade for the Bowman Prospects Harper? Like I said I can put a larger lot together for it

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    Have to wait for it to come in before I trade it. It's a 2012 bowman chrome

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