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    TOTALLY... if you do more mixers.. I am in... I like them better than just a case of 1 product
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattleegee View Post
    oops that post came in while i was thinking.....

    #8 it is. Thanks Matt.
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    Let's see if we can't get this bad boy filled. I am ready to break this stuff!

    Remember, your mulitple spots are discounted!
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    free bump to fill this awesome break
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    bump it up. let's fill this soon!
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    Come on guys. Lets not let this burn out with 9 left! I can have this ready to break by next weekend!

    I pulled a Newton and Locker RPA out of two boxes of Gold tonight.. so I am on a nice little streak!
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    I am gonna scrap this one. i will send a PM to you guys with what is replacing it.
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    Nevermind lol should've looked at last post.
    I do not use Paypal.
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    Sorry bud. We are filling a mixer of a case of 2011 limited and 2012 limited now.
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    Not a problem! Wish I could but that ones a bit heavy on the pocket, but it's an awesome deal! Next one!

    For future reference as you have been doing A LOT of nice ones, you take concealed cash? I know some of the group break guys do and some are strictly Paypal. Would mail next day obviously!
    I do not use Paypal.
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