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    2012 Goodwin Blaster

    Thought it was ginter- my own fault for not paying attention

    Ill still open it though...
    taking a break from trading

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    Pack 1
    Cesar Puello Mini
    Lou Brock
    Abby Wambach
    Clint Dempsey

    Pack 2
    Dustin Johnson
    Magic Johnson
    Jeremy Wariner
    Pete Rose

    Pack 3
    Larry Johnson
    Steve Stricker
    Deacon White
    Ernie Banks

    Pack 4
    Annika Sorenstam Mini
    Hulk Hogan
    Sam Cassell
    Knute Rockne
    taking a break from trading

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    Pack 5
    Taylor Knox
    William Tecumseh Sherman
    Fred Couples
    Dominique Wilkins

    Pack 6
    Gale Sayers Lady Luck Mini
    Levi Meeuwenburg
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Luc Robitaille

    Pack 7
    Dan Marino
    Barry Sanders
    Deedee Jonrowe
    Payne Stewart

    Pack 8
    Blaine Gabbert Mini
    Matteo Manisaro
    Lawrence Taylor
    Justin Blackmon
    taking a break from trading

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    Pack 9
    B-24 Liberator Military Machines
    Martin Laird
    Bob Gibson
    Trey Hardee

    Pack 10
    Bill Haas
    Brett Hull
    Paul Gaugin
    Steve Wozniak

    Pack 11
    Hakeem Olajuwon Mini
    Ricky Carmichael
    Byron Nelson
    Blaine Gabbert

    Pack 12
    Jack Morris
    Oscar Robertson
    two other base

    Junk, as i expected once I realized I bought the wrong box.
    taking a break from trading

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    Sorry about that Ed,I was pulling for you to beat the odds and pull something good.
    All my teams stink.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    oh well, maybe the next blaster...
    taking a break from trading

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    anyone need anything for their set? ive got a hobby box worth of base plus this stuff for trade

    taking a break from trading

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