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Thread: I would like to start trading

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    I would like to start trading

    I need some help. Can someone point me to the tutorial on how to do this. Also, am I restricted since I am a new member and do I need to do something to get started? thanks
    I am always looking to trade for some Barry Sanders cards.

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    If you look over these three links it should give you a good idea of the ins and outs.

    I would start with low end trades and trade with established members who have over a twenty feedback score. I'm in no way saying anyone with under 20 feedback's is not reliable or trustworthy as everyone had to start from zero or had feedback transferred from another site. You are a "must send first" until you meet the twenty "Feedback Score" benchmark.


    EDIT: I would also have scans of your cards available on a photo sharing site such as Photobucket or have your scans uploaded to this site for people to see.
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    I just updated the trade manager tutorial so it show the new trade manager instead of the old one. Also if you intend to use the SCF Inventory here a few link to some tutorial.
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