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    $40 for the best iginla/kiprusoff/Theoren fleury *flames*

    As tittle says. Very interested in the cup or dominion. Patch/autos.
    Wanna see what's out there's so let me know! When I see what I like I can PayPal immediately

    pms with scans please
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    Got a 12-13 Sven Baertschi Black Diamond Lustrous Rookies available. PM me if you're interested.

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    Any interest in this. Says out of 10 but only 4 were produced.

    From the emerald masked men error card redemption program.

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    G/U, Autos from players of the 70's or before
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    No thanks wick thanks for the offer though.

    Waf ill keep that card in mind wanna see a few more 1st
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    Going to pass on those cards 2bro. Thanks for the post
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    Any interest in this for $35.00 delivered
    10-11 The Cup Black Plate 1/1

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    Got this if you need 'er #/15

    also have this I can add in if you need it:
    Hidden Content - 06/07 UD Ultimate Jerseys

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    Gonna pass Greg thanks an Stan I like the kipper but not quite what I'm looking for.
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    Any interest in these Iginla's and Kiprusoff's? If so I can send you prices.


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