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Thread: A question for atheists....

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    A question for atheists....

    Have any of you ever testified in court? Do you take an oath on the bible? Do they force you to do that if you are atheist? Just curious is arguments over religion please...

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    Yeah I always wondered the same thing. If you are swearing in on a bible but the bible dosen't mean anything to you then what? Or how about if your were a christian and had to testify in court in a muslim country? I really doubt that they would accomodate your religious needs by switching out a koran for a bible.
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    I've been meaning to ask this a while ago then I read an article that Obama is using two bibles for his oath of office...Gonna be super president!

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    Also what if someone prefers a certian version of the bible? Do the courts make any special accodomations? Also isn't swearing in on a bible somehow the state endorsing christanity?
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    Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to swear in court. They "promise" or "affirm"
    Kind of a meaningless distinction at the end of the day.

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    I've testified a few times (not recently) and was given the choice of swearing on a bible or just swearing an oath. Having never discussed my lack of religious beliefs with my co-workers I just chose to swear on the bible. It's not like it really matters; God-fearing christians lie in court everyday.
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    There is no bible in Canadian Courts. It's against the law in most Provinces or it can be asked to be removed, as it's offensive to those that aren't christian. If there is a bible present, you can just shoo it away with your free hand and tell the judge to get a grip.
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    I appreciate the link and all but I live in the United States not Australia. It would be nice if we could borrow some of their laws though.
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    A friend of mine just retired a couple of years ago, as a Supreme Court Justice in Victoria, Australia - Melbourne. He is a devout Catholic, but he also agrees that Court has nothing to do with god and religion and should be stricken from anything legal.

    They have it right in Melbourne

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