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    T205 HOF'er Project for 2013

    I got back into collecting in 2008 with my son who is a huge Hockey fan, his main PC players are Carey Price and Sidney Crosby, for the last 5 years our collecting focus has been Hockey cards, but this year its my turn, I am a huge Baseball fan (Montreal Expos), and love the rich history of the game, My project for 2013 is to aquire all 25 HOF'ers from the fame T205 set.

    This is my very first post in the Baseball section

    Here's the first 3 that I aquired, with 4 more incoming, I will update this thread as I aquire more.

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    That is a nice start good luck with that collection could be a nice project
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    Very nice indeed!

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    Great start! The Cobb, Johnson, and Joss are pretty pricey but most of the others are pretty reasonably priced for 100+ year old cards. Good luck!

    The Huggins is the only HOFer I have out of that set. I need the 2 Bresnahan's for my Cardinal set but I can't afford the mouth open variation right now. :(
    Looking for all Roy Campanella cards: base, inserts, GU, anything I don't have is fair game.

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    Wow. Those are cool! That sounds like a great project.

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    Here's the 8 that I have in hand with 5 more incoming, (joss, Tinker, Brown McGraw and Jennings)

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    A nice addition to the project

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