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    Ebay Listing - Insane Shipping!!!

    Saw this ITG Ultimate Number 1/1 for Kovalchuk and the bidding was only 99 cents. I was about to enter a bid when I happened to notice the shipping is $159!!!!!

    I realize that this card may actually be worth $160, but there is absolutely no way I am paying $159 for shipping! I was lucky. If I hadn;t noticed the amount, I'd have to ask the seller to cancel my bid.

    The seller has 39 other auctions with starting bids of 99 cents that have shipping fees ranging from $18 to $99. I guess that's one way to guarantee yourself a certain dollar amount. some poor sucker thinks he's getting a deal at 99 cents only to realize he gets hammered on shipping.
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    that violates ebays maximum shipping rules
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    He must not realize there are now final value fees on shipping and not just the item anymore and because of donkeys like this is why ebay says there are fees on shipping costs .
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    I reported the excessive shipping. The World needs less bell-ends. Hopefully somebody will see the nonsense at eBay and issue him a warning.

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    LOL. Unless you're driving the card to my house in the Popemobile, this money is all about lining your pockets and not protecting my investment. Some people. I hope he gets some sort of comeuppance.

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    Pretty sure the guy is a member here as well.

    Not a cool practice there at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fdp79 View Post
    that violates ebays maximum shipping rules
    Actually, eBay's "maximum shipping" rules only includes certain, specific, categories. Sports cards are not among those categories listed. However, their general policy does state:

    Selling practices policy
    "Shipping and handling costs - It's against our rules to provide unclear or misleading shipping information or to charge unreasonable fees for shipping and related services" (empahisis added)

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    Someone win the auction and tell him you want regular express shipping after u win. If not don't pay. Teach em a lesson

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    I reported the excessive shipping.

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