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    89-96 sets,singles,inserts what r u looking for I just got a hugh collection

    I just picked up a hugh 89-96 collection full sets,singles inserts etc. if u r into these yrs or players from these years lmk. these were from my father-in-laws collection I picked up them up as soon as I saw cond. which is nm on 95+% amazing looking put in3500 count boxes & put away in the closet. every star is here alot of them I am thinking of getting graded. I am still going through them & below is a start I will add to this list as I go through boxes but if u r into any sets from these yrs lmk I can probably help. I am looking to sell ( I need to pay him for collection) but will also trade. just lmk what u r looking for.
    sets: all factory sets
    89 ud not sealed but in nm cond. (griffey jr rc)
    90 ud sealed x2
    91 ud sealed
    92 ud sealed
    93 ud sealed
    93 topps sealed x2
    94 topps sealed baker set 817 cards
    95 ud collectors choice sealed

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    these sets r hand colated in binders
    93 leaf
    93 ultra
    93 ud
    93 flair
    93 pinnacle
    98 fleer mark mcgwire 62nd hr commemorative card sealed in package
    93 score joe dimaggio 30 card set sealed
    95 megacards inc. babe ruth 100th anniversary 25card set sealed w/pog
    91 topps debut 90 card set 170 card set sealed w/frank thomas rc
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    set builders/team collectors/player collectors there r tons on cards from late 80's to it looks like 96 so lmk who u r looking for & ill see what I can help with

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