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Thread: birthday breaks

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    birthday breaks

    Got some nice stuff for birthday 18!

    First certified blaster

    McNabb certified auto
    Crosby mirror red /199

    Free rookies and trade

    Auto of Brandon Pirri
    Peverly and Seguin gold!

    One retail pack of BD

    Ryan Miller GU

    Prime says only 5 cards a pack, ended up with

    Weiss base /249
    Roy base /249
    Richards base /249
    Spezza-Alfreddson dual combos
    Larrson jersey (big seam) /99
    Justin Faulk jersey /99
    Saad quad jersey auto (this fool keeps stalking me everywhere, heard hes good so i dont mind)
    Ryan Ellis auto letter 'S"
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    51 Unique TOREY KRUG cards
    I collect Torey Krug as well as other Bruins pieces

  2. Packrip
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    Saad isn't a bad rookie to be stalked by. Not a bad break with the Prime.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    nice break if that crosby is avalaible tell me :) ty
    I pc crosby, lemieux,glachenyuk, lafleur, habs, brodeur,roy, artifact saphire 13-14, spx winning material 13-14,
    ice 14-15, fwa, yg exclusive, terevainen, panarin, price,15-16 yg, good rookie or trade bait
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    Nice breaks, interested in the Faulk. PM me if interested in trading/selling.


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    Happy Birthday! I could use the Roy base if it's FT
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    Looking for: Patrick Roy, 80s OPC, 72/73 OPC
    GO HABS GO!!!!
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    Nft right now folks. Sorry
    51 Unique TOREY KRUG cards
    I collect Torey Krug as well as other Bruins pieces

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