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    Help with card value please.

    I apologize if this is the wrong spot. newbie here. 1st post.
    I used to buy/sell a few cards on ebay about 5 years ago and I now want to start again.
    Dug up old cards. I found a nice 2004 sp - upper deck? buyback auto 8/10 roy halladay. I believe its from a 2003 base card??
    I plan on selling and buying a few cheap cards to build some trust and I may want to sell it off but depends on worth also.
    I am having trouble gauging its value. I get NA at becketts and the whole buyback thing has me very confused. Tried ebay as well.
    I am just very curious about it and also am wondering just how buybacks work??
    Thanks a bunch!
    on toploader and has hologram on back / cert

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    Moving this to the Baseball Card Talk forum.
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    Ya it's too scarce to have a book value. I'd say you can get at least $60 for it. Maybe more. Buybacks are just cards from past years that are signed and usually hand numbered. I think it would be a good idea to put it on the bay for a buy it now or best offer of $150. I bet somebody would come along and offer you around $100, which would be more than fair for that card. His Phillies autos go for a lot more than his Blue Jay autos.
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    Card is a 2004 SP Authentic buyback of a 2003 Honor Roll card of Roy Halladay autographed. Upper Deck bought the 2003 Honor Roll card and had Halladay sign 10 copies and then they inserted it into the 2004 SP Authentic boxes. They had him and other players sign various Upper Deck cards throughout their careers and this includes cards from a whole bunch of different sets including 2003 Honor Roll.

    Card has bubbling on the autograph from the scan it looks like but I agree with the $60 and up price on it. You will get more during the regular season since people aren't paying attention now and it will go for less money than his Phillies autographs. Still a nice card of a guy who doesn't have too many autographs.
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  7. #7 here, well i have an ebay store and been doing this a while now the market isn't that great. ebay is dead the worst ive ever seen. so get out of it what ever you can an run. if you deciede to sell cards make sure you do it as a hobby like i do cause there ain't no $$ in it.

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