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    Panini Prizm sold out? Will they print more?

    I went to my local hobby shop and they said Panini is out of the product. Will they produce more of this? My shop has a case or two left, I'm wondering I should buy as they're not marked up too bad.
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    I would say yes as the Gold Prizm cards are hot right now. If you can get it a reasonable price go for it but they are somewhat hit and miss on the rc autos but nice product overall.
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    Even if they print more the numbered stuff will remain at the same numbers. What I think will happen is the green prizms(retail) will become more readily available as will the regular, non-numbered prizms. If you have the higher end ones likes Lillard, Davis or Kyrie it might behoove you to sell them now in case they do up the production on the product.

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    They can't print more of a #D card.....also I can't remember the last time a product was reprinted after being sold out. 1989 Upper Deck in baseball? Selling out is normal for a product. It just seems odd because most of Panini's stuff is junk and sits around collecting dust.
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    $1400 for the case. Should I go for it?

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    I don't think they will print anymore. What they maybe did was ship out a certain percentage of the product and are releasing more shortly. Just an idea.
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    Pretty sure they will be making more next year haha. . . . . but a case might be worth it if you see any of the RC's making it big to the levels of Lebron/Durant or even if the players from both classes started doing very well (e.g. what happened with the 05-06 cards), then you stand to make a profit if you keep the case.
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