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    can anyone tell me what are these cards or they come from

    I have a complete set of 22 cards that says OPC on the back but can't find and info regarding scarcity or value , so if anyone knows any thing about them please share your info , they are smaller than a regular card and slightly larger than a wallet size picture , i scanned the dryden card front and back for everyone to see hope to hear from you about them

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    Set: 1977-78 O-Pee-Chee Glossy (Hockey)

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    There's also a square-cut set, which is supposedly rarer than the rounded one, and supposedly carries a premium on the price......but I've seen a LOT of them so who knows?
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    There were literally millions of these glossy sets made with rounded corners, most can be picked up for less than $10.00 per set on eBay.

    The squared cornered ones are the collectible ones, but no idea how many are out there.
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    The square set ones are more collectible just because there are less of them, but by today's standards, the print run is still high. I never found out what the exact run was for the squared off corners, but I've never not been able to find a set available for around $20-$25. So....
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    Actually hey are quite common, I bought 2 sets for 1$ + shipping around 4 yrs ago.

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    There are also Topps versions of both the round and square sets, so there are a total of 4 versions of each card.
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