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Thread: Anyone play 2k13 on Xbox360?

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    Anyone play 2k13 on Xbox360?

    Looking to add a few people for some team up games.

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    Up. Anyone play?

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    Would love too but PS3>Xbox haha
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    I still have 2K10 or I would play haha
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    [QUOTE=magic_bobcat;12410857]Would love too but PS3>Xbox haha[/QUOTE]

    No sir.

    [QUOTE=wrigleyfield;12412643]I still have 2K10 or I would play haha[/QUOTE]

    I remember those days ha. 2k13 is so nice though. The MyPlayer mode is so amazing this year compared to year's past.

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    Up. Anyone out there play 2k13?

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    Anyone out there play this?

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