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    1 of 1's,you ever pull one and of whom.

    Was just going thru some cards when I found the only true 1 of 1 I've ever pulled,it's a Shawn Hill 2005 Diamond Kings platinum,no auto or gu just the canvas card,so still waiting to pull my first significant one,oh yea Topps moments and milestones doesn't count.
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    From what I can remember..

    My first 1/1 was a base masterpiece of Steve Smith from either 1998 or 1999 Fleer Ultra basketball.

    Then I pulled a Derek Jeter base 1/1 from 1999 UD Century Legends – which I sold for $1,500 in 1999.

    I’ve pulled a bunch of printing plates and 1/1s from I think Showcase? Where there was different levels and colors, so there was something like nine 1/1s of every card.. but I don’t really consider those true 1/1s.

    I think I got at least two 1/1s from TNA wrestling products; a Jay Lethal relic 1/1 from Impact and a dual auto 1/1 of Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore from Signature Series.

    I pulled a Mike Leake mini wood 1/1 from Allen & Ginter a few years ago.

    And I also got a Shane Vereen 1/1 rookie auto from Gridiron Legends in a group break here, not sure if that counts as me pulling it though..

    There could be more, but I don’t remember..

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    I pulled a letter patch of Russell Martin's ASG uniform and a printing plate of the White Sox winning the WS base card.
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    Still waiting to pull a 1/1.

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    king felix sick card 1/1 "Z" FROM I THINK ALL STAR WORKOUT JERSEY
    sold it for $45 dollars to sprtsrul11
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    Nice stuff guys,sorry yazfan,me and you are kind of in the same boat as a shawn hill 1 of 1 is not really considered anything special.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    My first and only is a 2011 triple threads Matt Holliday. It's only a 1/1 from the base set. No patch or auto.

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    All these years I have never pulled one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yazfan71 View Post
    Still waiting to pull a 1/1.
    Same here. I've bought 2 but have never pulled one.
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    We could make a good contest out of something like this,it would have to be a live break and verified,but the first person to pull a 1 of 1 could win some sort of prize,to go along with the prize of pulling a 1 of 1.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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