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Thread: Need Help with Prices.

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    Need Help with Prices.

    Eh guys

    I only collect basketball cards so Im not too familiar with hockey cards, found these in a pile, looking to get a price check to see if they are worth anything at all. thanks guys

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    Ok then, the McClements & O'Sullivan & the Kessel YG checklist & the Mac-Donalds cards at the bottom are pretty worthless, sorry.

    The Eriksson YG went for $6 on eBay recently.

    The Kessel autograph went for $27 on eBay today, thas a good one

    And the Rask? Rask is Boston's #1 goalie now, and it hurts me to say this, but he's pretty awesome. His regular RC sells for about $15 now, and even tho the exclusives isn't a true RC, it'd probably go anywheres from $30-50 I'd think?

    That was a pretty decent pile :)
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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