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    WTTF: Jackie Bradley Jr, Lindor, Profar, Guzman, Mazara, B.Hamilton

    Title says all. Only want autos, mainly Bowman chrome autos and colored ref autos
    thanks I have cash to add to deals trade/ card/cash
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    Any interest in a Mazara Leaf Valiant Orange Auto /99?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortking98 View Post
    Any interest in a Mazara Leaf Valiant Orange Auto /99?
    interested check my bucket n pm me!
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    Check my bucket on the JBJ base 9.5/10 and the lindor bowman chrome auto
    Still Building 2012 Heritage, 2012 Chrome, 2012 BDPP, 2012 Archives

    2012 Heritage Chrome (98%) PLMK if you have HP36, HP57 or 438(sp)

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    bump also want to trade for michael wacha autos
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    BUMp Also looking for michael wacha autos, addisson russell, albert almora
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    hey man do you have any Billy Hamilton's for Trade?/ I have about 20, want to get to 200!!
    I collect Lamar Miller(football) and Billy Hamilton(baseball)- Hidden Content

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