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    Post USA World Baseball Classic 2013 roster announced

    2013 Team USA roster
    Player Pos. Team
    Mark Teixeira 1B Yankees
    Brandon Phillips 2B Reds
    Jimmy Rollins SS Phillies
    David Wright 3B Mets
    Joe Mauer C Twins
    Ryan Braun LF Brewers
    Adam Jones CF Orioles
    Giancarlo Stanton RF Marlins
    Ben Zobrist INF Rays
    Willie Bloomquist INF D-backs
    Shane Victorino OF Red Sox
    Jonathan Lucroy C Brewers
    J.P. Arencibia C Blue Jays
    R.A. Dickey SP Blue Jays
    Ryan Vogelsong SP Giants
    Derek Holland SP Rangers
    Kris Medlen SP Braves
    Craig Kimbrel RP Braves
    Heath Bell RP D-backs
    Chris Perez RP Indians
    Vinnie Pestano RP Indians
    Luke Gregerson RP Padres
    Glen Perkins RP Twins
    Steve Cishek RP Marlins
    Jeremy Affeldt RP Giants
    Tim Collins RP Royals
    Mitchell Boggs RP Cardinals
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    Not that bad of a roster, certainly better then I expected. Some good bats and a good 1-2 starters, although neither will pitch more then a few innings in each game.

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    That is a killer outfield
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    I think this offense is much better than last WBC... I was there... the outfield is a killer, and not a bad infield either. The starting pitching isn't too bad, but besides Kimbrel, what is that pen???
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    ^ I was thinking the same thing. The pen seems to definately be our week point heading in.

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    Team USA has a better looking roster than I suspected, but Venezuela looks SCARY.

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    This roster seems pretty weak if you look at the overall caliber of players in the U.S.

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    I've always had mixed feelings about the WBC. I think it can be detrimental to pitchers from MLB.

    Think about it. You have all these guys pitching for their home countrys against literally the greatest players in the world after being layed off for a few months. They really don't 'warm up' and stretch out their arms enough like theycan afford to in MLB spring training and I think they push themselves harder than they should at that point and risk injury. Besides the fact they add extra innings to their year.

    Look at Dasuke Matsuzaka. He pitched his heart out in the '09 WBC, got injured during the MLB season that year, and has never the same since. Did over exertion in the WBC become a factor? Very possibly...

    I could be wrong but don't you think it's interesting that Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, David Price, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia (arguably 6 of the top 10 starting pitchers in MLB and USA eligible) aren't going to be in the classic?

    I'm just glad as a Dodger fan Kershaw, Greinke or Beckett didn't join the USA team

    Anyway, GO USA! If we loose, no big deal since overall looks like we put in our B team and C pitching staff. I don't know how some of you think our outfield is 'killer'. If Matt Kemp and Mike Trout would have joined, then it would be a killer outfield.
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    Venezuela has a BEAST of a roster. The USA team is OK. There are better players but they are too "good" to represernt their country.

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    MLB network says Verlander will likely be taking the last open spot. That would be a big bump for that rotation.

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