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    Need your 2012 first class champions/Wrestlemania 28 Mat Cards

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    Hey, I could only find one card for the 2012 First Class Champions right now. If you are interested in a PWE deal for it please private message me.

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    You might have better luck just trading for each card in the set? I don't have a complete set available to trade or sell, but I think I MIGHT have one or two duplicate cards from the First Class Champion insert set. I will check whenever I get off work in the am and make sure. Send me a PM with what you have that you could/would trade for it. Thanks & good luck! I know it's tough because I'm still working on getting a complete set as well! I'm getting close though!

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    i have alot of these ill have to get you a list tomarrow
    wanted: cleveland and pittsburgh pro athletes and football hall of famers

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    I have a complete set to trade/sell and mat of sheamus , mark henry, rtruth and otunga
    please lmk
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    How much for. Henry, truth, and otunga?

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    i have randy orton mat relic
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    Post your want list please pm it to me

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