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    Small 80's lot for sale

    Heres a list of what I have, things I picked up lately and want to get rid of.

    81 Topps baseball -- missing 2 cards, both commons.
    82 Topps baseball -- 4 of the team checklists in these 2 sets are marked up.
    83 Topps baseball -- missing 14 cards, all commons. Boggs, Sandberg, Gwynn (RC's), Ripken 2nd yr card, all included.
    90 UD factory set (opened) -- This one tripped me out. . . MISSING 22 cards. All but maybe 3 or 4 are team checklists; I don't know what was going on with that. Has all of the major cards.

    Rickey Henderson, 2 rookie cards, 2 second year cards plus about 20 more cards from various years. Don Mattingly - 2 rookies. Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose (3 1978 Topps) plus about 85 other cards from various sets. Reggie Jackson, Fred Lynn, Cal Ripken ROOKIE (82 Topps), 84 Donruss, plus more singles. Johnny Bench, Jim Palmer, Randy Johnson Rookies, Barry Bonds rookie, Dale Murphy , Tim Raines rookie, Gary Carter, Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Steve Garvey, Nolan Ryan, Jim Rice, Robin Yount, Ozzie Smith, Carl Yastrzemski, George Brett, Eddie Murray 2nd year, Ken Griffey rookies, Jr, Mark Mcgwire rookies, Wade Boggs, Fernando Valenzuela, Andre Dawson. ALL OF THESE CARDS ARE NEAR MINT OR BETTER.

    ALSO IN THIS LOT... 1957 TOPPS BROOKLYN DODGERS TEAM CARD. This card books at $150 nrmt. This particular card has a pinhole in the top of the card and is quite off-center. I would give it a grade of "good" at best.

    Alot more that isn't listed.

    Have about an 700 count box full of these cards.

    Plus about 500 or so misc. singles, going back to arount 1972.

    This is WELL over $1000 book value. MAKE ME AN OFFER!!! YOU BUY IT, I'LL SHIP IT!!!

    I also have a bunch of sets (all sports, 80's to mid 90's) and singles (mostly recent football, but also some baseball and hockey) from my personal collection that I could sell if you are interested. LMK and I can send a list of those.

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    Guess it's too much too ask for some of you to make an offer. Let's start at $400 and go from there, K?

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