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    How does this happen??

    I have a very large collection of Jim Thorpe, Red Grange, and Bronko Nagurski cards and this is one of my favorites. How can this happen the same exact card ##. I spend a bunch of $$ on this stuff so the fact the there is the same card with the same serial number really concerns me. What does everyone think?

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    Looks like the graded one has a funky text. The top one is how the numbering should look but the other one has a different font used for the numbering. Could somebody have taken a blank one and just stamped that with a machine?
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    pwaldo, that makes sense to me. Now we have to be aware of fake stamped serial numbering. Great! Just what we needed.
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    That second one for sure is a fake stamping......Donruss has never used that font or size. Shame on Beckett for grading that without calling that out.
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    The second graded one definetly is way off on the numbering. Not centered vertically nor horizontally, and it's way different that the font/size on yours. I'd say you're ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by labguy42 View Post
    They are both mine
    Did you pull both? Or did you buy them from somebody?
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    bought both. ungraded in 2002 graded one last week

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    Quote Originally Posted by labguy42 View Post
    bought both. ungraded in 2002 graded one last week
    Does the seller have a story of where he got it?
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