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    The best PC pickup in the mail today Mail Day!!!

    Hahahaaaa suckers! Well you're here now, you may as well take a look...............

    So I had these two, ripped from an old-timers program from who knows where or when.............

    And lo & behold, there on eBay, there it was, ending up at $7 plus change........cue the opera music where Bugs Bunny rides in on the horse.....Lohengrin? Is that it??

    WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT???????? Probably better than I'm thinking, but still.............. I feel SMUG.

    Next up, a 99/00 Century Legends parallel /100.....................

    Andddddd last, my last Forever Rivals redemption showed up :)

    Das it!!
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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    I am imagining a t.v. commercial that stars you as the incredibly lucky new winner of a large sum of cash from a state lottery. You're sitting on a huge recliner in your large living room watching the hockey game on the huge plasma set, with countless crumpled, empty foil packs littered around you. Your stately butler, Jeeves, enters from the adjoining foyer reservedly rolling a hand-cart loaded with bubble mailers and says in slow, unemotional proper Queens English, "Your-daily-delivery-of...CARDS...has arrived, sir..."

    Nice pick-ups! Love those "Oldtimers Hockey Challenge" autos! And another 99/00 Century Legends paralle1!
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    Hahahahaaa!!! Thanks eh. That USED to be me. Jeeves had to go a few months ago and the big lottery win finally dried up. But I Am O-Kay, I have a collection that's priceless to me, and as soon as I can scrounge up a few bucks for an Ikea shelf and a couple hundred Snap-Tite stands I will show everyyyyyyone my 12 X 8 escape from reality...........
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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    Nice stuff Ed, if you are around tonight just drop me a PM I might have something for you.
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