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    Football 4 trade.

    I need any browns serial#ED,rookies ect.

    2012 PP AUTO Brandon Mosley Blue ink#BM2(Giants)

    2012 LEAF ROOKIS
    Robert Griffin card#(Blue)#40
    Robert Griffin card#2
    Robert Griffin card#3
    Robert Griffin card#1
    Ryan Tannhill Bronze-#43-
    Ryan Tannhill Blue#43
    Justin Blackmon Blue#25-
    Michael Floyd blue#35
    Kirk Cousins blue#27
    Kellen Moore bronze#26
    Kellen Moore blue#26
    Nick Foles bronze#37
    Nick foles blue#37
    2010 elite rookie marcus easly seriaL#ED 592/999
    2010 eLITE ROOKIE Jermaine gresham rookie serial#ED765/999
    2010 Topps Chrome rookie Marcus Easly
    2010 Topps Chrome Rookie Kareem Jackson
    2010 PP Blue Jimmy Clausen rookie
    2010 PP Blue rookie Jermaine Gresham
    2010 PP Blue rookie Gerald Mccoy
    2010 PP Blue Jacoby Ford rookie
    2010 PP Blue rookie Tim Tebow
    2010 PP National Leader Ndamukong Suh rookie
    2010 PP Banner season rookie Ndamukong Suh
    2010 PP Trophy club rookie Sam Bradford
    2010 PP Rookie Jahvid best
    2010 Hit rookie Ndamukong Suh
    2010 PP bLUE Tobey Gerhart rookie
    2010 Elite Aspirations Diecut Ryan Fitzpatrick serial#Ed 21/86
    2010 Hit gold Jimmy Clausen
    2010 Score rookie Brandon spikes
    2010 Score Hot rookies Dez Bryant
    2010 Score rookie Jahvid Best
    2010 Elite stars Marion Barber serial#92/999
    2010 Prestige rookie seyi ajirotut
    2010 Prestige rookie eric berry
    2010 Prestige rookie Jermey williams
    2010 Prestige rookie Kareem Jackson-Texans
    2010 Prestige rookie JIMMY Graham-saints
    2010 Prestige rookie xtra points andre roberts-serial#20/100
    2010 Prestige rookie Damian willimas-titans
    2010 Prestige rookie Jonathan cromptan-chargers
    2010 Prestige rookie taylor mayes
    2010 Prestige rookie sean weatherspoon
    2010 Prestige rookie chris McGaha-jags
    2010 Prtestige rookie Bryan Bulaga-packers
    2010 Prestige rookie C.J. Spiller
    2010 Prestige rookie shay Hodge-49ers
    2010 Prestige rookie chris browns-Broncos
    2010 Prestige rookie ricky sapp-eagles
    2009 PP Leaders Lesean McCoy rookie
    2009 Prestige Pros Ryan Grant serial#Ed919/1000
    2009 Topps Unique Greg Jennings serial#Ed 1457/1829
    2009 Prestige Picks rookie Brian Orakpo serial#ed449/500
    2009 Prestige Picks rookie Jarrett Dilliard serial#ed 347/1000
    2009 Prestige Draft Picks rookie Alphonso smith serial#Ed 422/999
    2009 Prestige Draft Picks rookie D.J Moore serial#Ed 661/999
    2009 Prestige Xtra Points Steve slaton serial3ed 113/250
    2009 Score rookie Mathew stafford
    2009 Score rookie Jeremy Maclin
    2009 Topps national chickle rookie austin collie
    2009 PP Fusion rookie kevin smith serial#ed 35/150-bronze
    2009 PP Fsuion rookie Jonathan stewart silver serial#ed61/99
    2009 PP Fusion rookie bronze donald brown serial#ED 16/50
    2009 PP Fusion rookie Jeremy maclin bronze serial#ED 1/150
    2009 Hit rookie johnny knox
    2008 Threads bronze Vincent jackson
    2008 Donruss classics school colors Roger staubach serial#Ed 787/1000
    2008 Topps roger staubach
    2008 Topps rookie Chris
    2008 Topps rookie Joe Flacco
    2008 Hit teamates rookie,Jamaal charles,Limas sweed#62
    2008 Leaf Team Trademarks emmitt smith serial#ed 775/999$8.00
    2007 Triple threads Topps joe namath serial#1363/1449
    2007 donruss Back to the future leinhart,steve young serial3ed 447/800
    2007 fLEER Ultra comparasions Tony romo,John beck
    2007 Prestige Blue prestigios pros steven jackson serial#ed700/750
    2007 Prestgious Pros Tiki barber serial#ed 906/1000
    2007 Bowman chrome rookie Buster davis
    2007 Elite Zoning commishion Driver serial3ed 384/1000
    2007 UD Rookie football heroes dwayne Bowe
    2007 UD Artifacts rookie Dwayne bowe
    2007 Threads Blue rookie Dwayne Bowe #67
    2007 Topps DPP Draft pick rookie dwayne bowe
    2007 UD First edtion rookie Ahmad bradshaw
    2007 Contender MVP LT SERIAL#ed 555/1000
    2007 Triple Thread topps Maurice Jones drew serial#ed 52/99-pending
    2007 Elite Aspirations Blue rookie Chris Henry serial#ed 12/91
    2006 Score select rookie drew Olson serial#270/599
    2006 Topps rookie Bobby Carpenter Cowboys
    2006 PP SERIES ROOKIE Vince young
    2006 Score rookie Vince young
    2006 tOPPS 8306 ROOKIE vINCE YOUNG
    2006 Score Hot rookie Matt Leinhart
    2006 PP Series rookie Matt Leinhart
    2006 PP Series rookie jay Cutler
    Topps DPP Rookie Joseph Addai
    2006 Score rookie Addai
    2006 UD Rookie photo shoot larry Fitzgerald
    2006 Topps rookie Anotnio Cromartie
    2005 Leaf certified Material Gold warren sapp serial#ed 16/25
    2005 SPX Rookie Lional Gates(Bill) serial#726/1199
    2005 Zenith rookie roll call Alex Smith
    2005 Zenith Epix Chad Pennington serial#7/400
    2005 UD Football heroes Aikman 46
    2005 UD Football heroes Aikman
    2005 Epix steven jackson serial#182/400
    2005 Donruss elite Face LT,Priest Holmes serial3ed 764/1000
    2004 PP Big numbers rookie Philip Rivers
    2001 Vanguard rookie bronze Michael Vick rookie#1 $12.00
    2001 Vanguard bronze rookie Reggie wayne
    2001 Vanguard Tim Biakabutuka GOLD PREMIUR DATE 115/115
    2001 Vanguard Mike allstott serial#ed 3/99
    2001 V team Vanguard Jeff Garcia serial#ED 185/1499

    Pats List.2010 Sage Taylor Price-rookie
    2010 Sage Rob Gronkowski-rookie
    2010 Prestige Devin McCourty-rookie
    2010 Prestige Blue AARON Hernandez serial#Ed972/999-rookie
    2010 Prestige Taylor Price-rookie
    2010 Prestige rookie Brandon Spikes
    2010 Prestige Bronze rookie Brandon Spikes serial#ed2/250
    2010 Prestige rookie Rob gronkowski
    2010 Press pass rookie Zac Robinson blue
    2009 Score rookie Brandon Tate
    2009 score rookie Patrick Chung
    2009 Prestige Drat Pick rookie Patrick Chung serial#Ed 726/999
    2008 Threads rookie Terrence wheatly serial#Ed518/999
    2008 Topps roookie Shawn crable
    2008 Rookie Jerod Mayo Stadium Club serial#Ed107/199
    2008 SPX Rookie Jerod Meyo serial#Ed 513/999
    2008 Bowman Rookie Kevin Oconnell serial#42/500
    2008 Topps chrome rookie Kevin Oconnell
    2007 Donruss elite rookie Brandon meriweather serial#ED 194/599
    2006 Topps Red hot rookie Chad JACKSON
    2004 Playoff prestige Extra Points deion Branch Serial#Ed 20/25
    2004 Press pass SE ROOkie Vince wilfork
    2004 Topps finest rokie Vince wilfork
    2004 Press pass rookie vince wilfork
    2004 Press pass Big numbers Diecut rookie Vince wilfork
    2004 UD Rookie prospect Cedric cobbs
    2003 Topps rookie Bethel Johnson
    2003 Topps CHROME Rookie bethel johnson
    2003 Topps Finest rookie Ty warren
    2003 Bowman rookie Ty warrenn
    2003 Bowman Chrome Rookie eugene wilson
    2003 Topps all american FOIL Kliff Kingsbury
    2003 Bowman rookie Kingsbury
    2003 Topps rookie Kingsbury
    2003 UD Star rookie Kingsbury
    2003 PP SE Rookie Kingsburry
    2003 Sage Hit Kingsbury rookie
    2003 PP Red rookie Kingsbury
    2002 Bowman blue rookie rohan davey
    2002 fleer ultra rookie davey
    2002 score rookie davey
    2002 fleer boxscorerookie davey
    2002 first class rookie rohan davey,freddy sanchez red sox
    2002 PP Big numbers diecut daniel Graham rookie
    2002 Pacific rookie Daniel graham
    2002 Topps rookie Daniel graham
    2002 Topps debut rookie daniel graham
    1999 Fleer skybox Green rookie Michael Bishop
    1999 Edge rookie Michael Bishop
    1999 Bowman Best rookie Michael Bishop
    1999 Fleer Tradtion rookie sensation Michael Bishop
    1999 Bowman blue rookie Michael Bishop
    1999 PP Hardware rookie Kevin faulk
    1999 Absolute rookie bronze kevin faulk
    1999 Edge Fury rookie Kevin faulk
    1999 Bowna Best rookie Kevin faulk
    1999 Edge 1st Place rookie Future legends Kevin faulk
    1999 Edge Odyysey fourth quarter rookie Kevin faulk
    1999 SPX Ecitement rookie Kein faulk
    1999 Pacific paramount rookie kevin faulk
    1999 Edhe oddessey first quarter rookie kevin faulk
    1998 UD Choice rookie quest Rob edwards rookie
    1998 Edge ist Place rookie robert edwards
    1998 skybox THUNDER ROOKIE Robert edwards
    1995 Action packed rookie Ty Law(Michigan)
    Collect Cleveland Browns Patches/Autos


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    can you check me for these??

    2008 Donruss classics school colors Roger staubach serial#Ed 787/1000
    2010 Prestige Blue AARON Hernandez serial#Ed972/999-rookie
    2008 Leaf Team Trademarks emmitt smith serial#ed 775/999
    COLLECTING:*T.Y. Hilton*Zach Ertz*Jordan matthews*Odle Beckham*Mike Evans*Jeremy Hill*
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    have any browns listed?
    Collect Cleveland Browns Patches/Autos


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    Quote Originally Posted by jonsportscardz View Post
    have any browns listed?
    no patch/autos but i do have some browns inserts/rcs in my bucket
    COLLECTING:*T.Y. Hilton*Zach Ertz*Jordan matthews*Odle Beckham*Mike Evans*Jeremy Hill*
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    ok i will check thank you any bruins cards?
    Collect Cleveland Browns Patches/Autos


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    i have a 2012 topps chrome dqwell jackson blue refractor

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfav313 View Post
    i have a 2012 topps chrome dqwell jackson blue refractor
    I need it check the list
    Collect Cleveland Browns Patches/Autos


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