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    1 box of 12-13 SPGU, C'mon UD, a litttle attention to detail! :)

    Decided to get my father in laws box of SPGU from his shelf, $95 dollars distributors cost.

    Pack 1:

    AF Triple: Sedin Burrows Sedin

    Pack 2:

    AF Single: Seguin Group A 1:183 packs

    Pack 3:

    Gold RC Auto: Nolan

    Pack 4:

    AF Triple: Gagne Brown Carter

    Pack 5:

    I was a little disappointed when I pulled this significant numbers card /9, when the player actually wears #99. Cmon UD, Really?!?

    Significant Numbers Dual Jersey Auto /9: Wayne Gretzky!

    That was sarcasm by the way, very stoked on my first ever Gretzky auto pull in 20+ years of collecting!

    Probably going to ebay so I can by my daughter some items before shes born on April 23rd (give or take)!
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    OUTSTANDING pull! Never a bad box when pull an auto of the Great One ;)

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    Nicely done :) Congrats on the daughter too! Should trade that for some Wickenheiser stuff and decorate the room ;)
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    What a beauty - congrats on the great hit!
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    Wow super hit, yeah they cheat on the numbering, same thing on the honorable numbers they have only once done it to /99, otherwise its usually just to 9 for some reason.. doesnt make sense.
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    I'd be happier with that Gretzky /9 vs /99. Shorter print run = higher-end trading if you move it. Nice pull btw.
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    nice gretz !!
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