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    Max Pacioretty RC Collection - 6/6!

    One of the best players in the NHL to not have a Young Guns RC.

    Due to his late debut in the 2008-09 season, Max Pacioretty has only 6 rookie cards in total. This is a far cry from some players who debut as holdovers or early in a campaign and end up getting included in all 22 products in a season. So not only is the pool of Pacioretty RC's a smaller one by virtue of there being only six of them, his massive surge in popularity this past season has meant that there's a lot of people vying for them. Here's hoping Max can have another 30+ goal campaign this year (or at least something on a pro-rated basis!) and lead the Habs in offence again.

    Without any further ado, here's all six of Max Pacioretty's rookie cards:

    2008-09 Upper Deck Champ's #136 Max Pacioretty - this is the only non-numbered RC

    2008-09 Upper Deck Artifacts #285 Max Pacioretty #'d /999, this was a redeemed rookie for the year.

    2008-09 Sp Authentic #178 Max Pacioretty FW #'d /999, disappointing that he's a non-auto RC.

    2008-09 Ultimate Collection #43 Max Pacioretty #'d/299, again a non-auto RC in the second highest of the high-end products.

    2008-09 Be A Player #199 Max Pacioretty #'d /99, the scarcest of all of Max's RC's.

    And of course, you gotta have the big one...

    2008-09 The Cup #112 Max Pacioretty #'d /249, with a dandy 2-colour patch!

    So that's my Max Pacioretty RC collection! Now that the rookies are done, what's next? Maybe the autographs!
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    Never knew that Pacioretty had only those few RCs- I guess you learn something new everyday
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    Very nice
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    Very nice Pacho PC Richard!
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    Very nice collection. I also had no idea he only had 6 RCs and no YG.
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    Nice stuff Rich!

    Here are a few others that could help a budding rc pc

    UD XRC

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    I only collect rc's of the top players, from each year.

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    I'm going to keep those in mind my friend. :)
    Carey Price fan and collector - want your hard-signed autos!
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