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    Frank Gore 3/5 2clr patch Auto, Lets see whats out there F/S Possible F/T

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    i am interested. feel free to check my tradelist in signature. may buy also...
    plmk, thanks.
    I collect: FRANK GORE 2005 - 2014 Hidden Content 1043/4731

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    Hey man I am definetly interested in the julio jones red zone auto and your 3 kaepernick jerseys or any kaeps for that matter lmk what your thinking i have a gore jersey rookie also and a couple inserts if theres any interest in those

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    what kinda "bv" are you putting on it?
    and what are the other Gore specific?
    I collect: FRANK GORE 2005 - 2014 Hidden Content 1043/4731

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    Selling Value I'm looking for 55 shipped, And i have gores topps rc, bowman rc, a 2007 gridirion kings jersey /250, a bowman thick gold rc of gore, a2008 icons 21/99

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    CM B......thanks

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    Great interest in Yanks, Ravens and Celts.......

    WILL ONLY TRADE TO United States and Canada without prior APPROVAL!

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    Sorry man nothing interst me at the moment, Thanks though

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    If Lewis doesn't have anything you need CMB when you get a chance. Also got a ton of HOF stuff in this thread.

    I collect Yankees, NY Giants & Chargers Cards. I Need YSL cards for my set. If you have any let me know the numbers.
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