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    <Question> Serial Number for 96-97 Upper Deck Hart Hopefuls Gold

    I have a 96-97 Upper Deck Hart Hopefuls Gold Mario Lemieux. However, it does not have a serial number on back of the card. Is this a counterfeit or promo card? Does anybody have a clue?

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    The UD Hart Hart Hopefuls were #'d to 100. The unnumbered cards could have been excess stock?

    I have seen a seller on eBay who has been selling Lindros Hart Hopeful Gold cards.
    Without the serial number, I have chosen not to buy.
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    The card you are looking at is being sold by Kruk Cards, and they are NOT the real cards. I have seen the real ones and they are numbered out of 100. These must have been replacements or something, but nothing more. I have been looking for the real version of this and they do come up, but are pricey. I have seen some shady stuff from these guys before, and I avoid them, but if you are good with it by all means. I will continue my quest for a true serial numbered one.
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    They are still real but they are either ones printed that were suppose to be used as replacements or were stolen or back doored by Upper Deck or an employee.
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