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    Sammy Sosa says he and Mark McGwire belong in Hall of Fame

    Sammy Sosa thinks he and fellow steroid-tainted star Mark McGwire belong in the Hall of Fame.

    Slammin' Sammy also said the Chicago Cubs should retire his number, and he left open the possibility of running for president of the Dominican Republic during an interview Wednesday on the website

    Asked if he thinks he or McGwire belong in the Hall, Sosa said: ''I think so.''

    ''I'm not going to come here and say anything that is going to jeopardize my future,'' he added. ''But definitely time will determine everything. Right now whatever it is, it is. I am not (somebody who) is going to go out there and say anything I don't want to say. I'm waiting for my time. ... I don't like controversy. Definitely time will determine everything.''

    Meanwhile, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said at the team's fan convention last weekend that the club might try to re-establish a relationship with Sosa, who left on bad terms following the 2004 season. The organization had different ownership and management back then.

    Sosa said he was aware of Ricketts' comments.

    ''They know where I am,'' he said. ''If they want to find me, they have to call me. I'm always available.''

    Would he run for president of the Dominican Republic?

    ''You never know,'' Sosa said.
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    Interesting how he thinks he and Mcgwire both belong in the HOF. I would let Bonds in before either of them.

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    to be honest, to leave all of those guys out would leave a huge peice of baseball history matter how tainted it is.
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    What Steroid Sammy, I'm sorry, I'm meant "Slammin" Sammy is trying to say in his ridiculously dubious statement is that he doesn't want to mention if he did or didn't take steroids or not because until it's fully proven, it still just hearsay and he still has a chance to get in the hall of fame eventually. If he says 'yes, I did it': he faces public ridicule and possibly federal prosecution. If he says 'no', but it's found out he did later on: same scenario. So why should he say anything directly on the subject?

    He should try for politics 'cause I've never seen anyone in so many words say absolutely nothing. I think that statment he made makes him look more guilty. He shouldn't have even wasted time in the interview and just said 'no comment'.
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    There are two categories in my eyes (from this time period).

    Users and Speculation

    Anyone under the speculation category, (Piazza, Biggio, Bagwell) deserves to be let in. We live by the credo "innocent until proven guilty", not the other way around. All of those guys (given their statistics are good enough for them to make it) should be in the Hall.

    Any proven user, whether it be a failed test or a listing in the Mitchell Report shouldn't be in. Sosa, Clemens, Bonds, Palmeiro, etc. They all should be banished. You shouldn't/can't put some in and not others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stlcardinalsfan View Post
    to be honest, to leave all of those guys out would leave a huge peice of baseball history matter how tainted it is.
    Well they still aren't left out as of now....they are still in the waiting phase. Somebody like Pete Rose would be left out as he isn't on the ballot.
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    Like I have said before, if this guys get in the HOF, then they need to let Rose in.

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