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    One Box of 2011-12 SP Game Used. SHAZAM! Last Box Rule In Full Effect!

    After enjoying the early part of my day off from work, I headed into Wayne's Sports Cards. Of course, I can never leave empty handed. I purchased a couple of packs of 2004-05 UD Legends Classics, and a couple of packs of 2011-12 UD Series 1 (pulled a Horak YG). Then I saw that they had one lone box of last year's SPGU sitting around. Knowing the greatness of that product and thinking about the amazing hits that I kept getting from it, I bit the bullet and picked it up.

    It was so good it warranted a top two section. Also note how I pulled an autograph from one of my packs of 2004-05 UD Legends Classics.

    Not too bad, right? Three rookies, a numbered parallel and jerseys of Paajarvi, Hemsky, Sedin and Doughty.

    Then came the autograph pack and the thick patch pack. The autograph, at #2 was a gold #/50 rookie parallel of Sean Couturier.

    At #1, was the thick card. #2/3, this card was the SP Game Gear of Mike Richards with a piece of jersey, patch, tag, and fight strap. Needless to say, I was quite happy with the box.

    Any Richards collectors out there?
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    sweet break. I think that 2-color Hemsky might be the first ever two-color jersey I've seen from the SPGU authentic fabrics.
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    Wow, Such a sick Richards! Wish I had something for it.

    Congrats on the hits.

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    sweet 11-12 spgu box !!!
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    Sweet box! Showing that 11-12 SPGU can yield some pretty sick hits!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fleury14 View Post
    sweet break. I think that 2-color Hemsky might be the first ever two-color jersey I've seen from the SPGU authentic fabrics.

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    Very nice hits.

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    Nice break! I would be interested in the Doug Wilson auto.
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    Any chance that would be Waynes Sports Cards in Edmonton? Was there today and pulled some amazing stuff in a 7 Box Break of SPGU 12/13 check out my break its posted

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