I have a 2011 Topps Chrome DeMarco Murray Gold Refractor RC for trade...#17/50. Looking for my 2012 Topps Chrome set needs in return...link is below:


I'm also looking for my set needs from 2007-2011 Topps Chrome, so any of these cards would work towards the Murray Gold:

2007 Topps Chrome
Adrian Peterson Blue Refractor
Adrian Peterson White Refractor
Marshawn Lynch Blue Refractor

2008 Topps Chrome
Felix Jones Xfractor
Rashard Mendenhall Copper Refractor

2009 Topps Chrome
Hakeem Nicks Blue Refractor
Percy Harvin Copper Refractor

2010 Topps Chrome
Sam Bradford Refractor

2011 Topps Chrome
Cam Newton Purple Refractor
Andy Dalton Purple Refractor
Torrey Smith Purple Refractor
Christian Ponder Purple Refractor
DeMarco Murray Purple Refractor
Jake Locker Purple Refractor